About Us

Beautiful Science (BS) is a leading skin care products for the Professional men and women. BS is known for its technological advancements and clinical applications. Over the years, the company has invested in research and development.

Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Barnouti treats hundreds of patients each year with various skin conditions ranging from wrinkles, loss of elasticity, premature skin aging, dryness, and acne and Pigmentation disorders.

Several years of research

Product concepts developed after many years of testing and working with various professional skin care products.

Rigorous safety testing

Each Product subjected to extensive testing including dermatological safety assessment, microbiological purity, absence of ophthalmological and dermal irritation, cytotoxicity, stability and integrity of active ingredients.

Efficacy testing

Results backed by scientific researches for improved skin hydration, miniaturization, & antioxidant protection.

Quality raw material and strict manufacturing standards.

Only the highest quality, stable active ingredients and non irritating natural materials that manufactured with strict control and standards.